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NoctisOne eWallet

eWallet with multiple loading options

NoctisOne eWallet Platform

Our wallet platform is a fully secure, PCI Level 1 environment that will allow you to manage your funds the same way a bank account can. With individual IBAN numbers (coming soon) you have even more control with of your funds with NoctisOne.

NoctisOne. With your NoctisOne eWallet, it’s simple and secure to pay for your purchases either offline at ATM's and POS machines or online using direct links or other methods. Loading funds to your eWallet is easy too. You can accept funds from someone else in a mass payment or payroll situation, load it with your credit card or you can load money from your bank account using a wire, ACH, SWIFT, SEPA, Cash Vouchers and more. You can withdraw money from NoctisOne account with paynow buttons upon online checkout pages, by using the prepaid NoctisOne card or our Android app and TAP technology. You can also use your eWallet balance to send money instantly from your NoctisOne account to someone else’s NoctisOne account, and they can do the same to you. Once funds are accepted by you into your NoctisOne account they are instantly available to you to spend or withdrawl as you please, even sending them to your traditional bank account worldwide.

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About NoctisOne

NoctisOne is the Ultimate Payment and Remittance Solution. NoctisOne provides instant payments anywhere in the world, privately and securely.

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