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Mass Payments

Affiliate Payments and Payroll Solution

NoctisOne Mass Payment Platform

Receive funds from any of our mass payout partners in a variety of options, the NoctisOne eWallet, NoctisOne Bulk Wires or even place these funds onto your NoctisOne Prepaid MasterCard.

NoctisOne's mass payment platform offers extensive coverage in all major and emerging markets. With options that fit your situation, NoctisOne is the ultimate, global, mass payment platform.

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About NoctisOne

NoctisOne is the Ultimate Payment and Remittance Solution. NoctisOne provides instant payments anywhere in the world, privately and securely.

  • 20-22 Wenlock Road London UK N1 7GU
  • P: (844) NOCTIS-1 or 662-8411
  • F: (844) NOCTIS-1 or 662-8411
  • E: sales at noctisone
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