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Money Remittance

Worldwide Money Remittance Solution

NoctisOne Money Remittance

Send funds worldwide to clients, colleagues, family and others.. instantly. NoctisOne has many options for you with our dynamic forex engine which allows your to send money world wide with ease.

NoctisOne allows you to manage funds for yourself and your family. Have friends or family overseas? Working away from home? Children away at university? Get two NoctisOne cards and give one to your loved ones. Now you both share funds linked to the account. You can also decide how much you put on each week so the funds and used wisely and for the right purpose.

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About NoctisOne

NoctisOne is the Ultimate Payment and Remittance Solution. NoctisOne provides instant payments anywhere in the world, privately and securely.

  • 20-22 Wenlock Road London UK N1 7GU
  • P: (844) NOCTIS-1 or 662-8411
  • F: (844) NOCTIS-1 or 662-8411
  • E: sales at noctisone
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