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NoctisOne Services

With the ever changing online market,
NoctisOne is your best, most secure solution for an
online mass payment and instant payments platform.

Bulk Wire Services

Globally intiated wires in SWIFT format, SEPA and ACH. Our wires can be disbursed worldwide in bulk, in almost any currency and all managed and fully reported in our admin panel.

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NoctisOne eWallet

Send and receive funds instantly from user account to user account. As a service of a registered financial institution meaning your funds are secure. Here is some extra text to see.

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Mass Payments

NoctisOne Mass Payment is the ideal Affiliate / Employee payout service. A simple one step file process allows you to send funds to unlimited recipients around the world.

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Receive Money

Receive instant payments from your affiliate networks, clients, peers and others. With unlimited account balances available and multiple cash out options, accept your money your way.

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Send funds worldwide to clients, colleagues, family and others.. instantly. NoctisOne has many options for you with our dynamic forex engine which allows your to send money world wide with ease.

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NoctisOne MasterCard

Accepted globally, the NoctisOne Prepaid MasterCard can be used at any POS or ATM as well as online. NoctisOne MasterCards use Chip and Pin technologies for added security and acceptance.

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About NoctisOne

NoctisOne is the Ultimate Payment and Remittance Solution. NoctisOne provides instant payments anywhere in the world, privately and securely.

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